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From Dean Jones <dean.m.jo...@gmail.com>
Subject Clustering and FileSystems
Date Thu, 15 Oct 2009 15:39:34 GMT
Hello folks,

I suspect this is almost a FAQ by now, as I see from the archives that
the topic has come up a couple of times, but I can't quite work out the
definitive answer to my question.

Basically, the wiki page on clustering says that: "each cluster
node needs its own (private) FileSystem and Search index." I'm fine
with the private Search index, but this leads me to think that our
configuration, where we have all nodes in the cluster using a shared
DB FileSystem, is wrong, and that they should instead be using a
LocalFileSystem, which would not be on a networked file system. I'd be
very grateful if someone could either confirm or deny this suspicion
before I switch to using a LocalFileSystem. If I do need to switch to
a LocalFileSystem, is there anything that I should be aware of?
Particularly, can the LocalFileSystem easily be recreated (e.g. by
re-registering node types, namespaces, etc) if it is deleted? Without
invalidating existing content?

Many thanks for any help,


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