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From Patrick Plaatje <patr...@ipros.nl>
Subject Use of Node types
Date Fri, 25 Sep 2009 07:25:27 GMT
Hi all,

i was wondering how you all were using Node types. Let me explain first, 
i'm using node types to identify a news article in the repository. This 
news article consists of multiple fields (simplified: title, body, 
image, url). These fields all have their own types and behaviour: the 
body fields might be of the type HTML-editor and the url might implement 
an URL-decorator to create SEO-urls. I'm not sure if i should just 
create a nodeType for the complete news article or if i should create a 
nodeType that incorporates the HTML editor and combine it with another 
nodeType. That's why i am wondering how you guys are implementing this.



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