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From Sébastien Launay <sebastien.lau...@anyware-tech.com>
Subject Re: Namespaces for Property and child Node Names
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 14:38:07 GMT

Le 21/09/2009 15:53, Torgeir Veimo a écrit :
> 2009/9/21 Philipp Bunge <buge@crimson.ch>:
>>> Why not
>>>> myblog/what_i_learned_today
>>>> myblog/iphone_shipping
>>>> myblog/iphone_shipping/foo:comments/i_like_it_too
>>>> myblog/iphone_shipping/foo:comments/i_like_it_too/i_hate_it
>> Jep, that's fine too. I just copied the example from DavidsModel on
>> the Wiki [1] and prepended the namespace where I would use it.
>> My question was more on the line of when to use a namespace prefix and when not.
> Use prefixes for operational properties, and none for value
> properties. The former properties might eventually end up in a schema.
I generally use a namespace when:
- i want to separate properties/nodes of unrelated content and to
  iterate over a set properties simply by using:
- i do not control the property name (set by the user) and i  do
  not want collision with existing properties without namespace.
- i could have a property and a child node with the same (local)
- i want to optimize a search of a node having a specific property
  (@foo:title will result in better relevant matches than @title).

I generally do not use a namespace when:
- i want to expose parts of the path of a node in a URI on a web
  server (a prefix: is not very sexy ;)).
- i know there will be only one kind of child node below a node.

Using a namespace from the start can also be useful for migration
because you can then distinguish a node/property created with
old http://foo/1.0 namespace and the new http://foo/2.0 in order to
manage them differently.

Sébastien Launay

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