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From Cato Aune <cato.a...@aunenett.st.no>
Subject WebDAV - trouble getting ResourceType
Date Mon, 07 Sep 2009 21:58:31 GMT

I am writing a WebDAV client (part of the OpenOffice plugin for Liferay 
Portal / Web Space Server) and needs to get a list of files and 
directories under a given URI. I do a PROPFIND to find all resources, 
and the XML returned from the server contains the information I need.

The problem is to get this information in my code. As I understand it, 
to find out if a resource is a directory, I should check if there is a 
COLLECTION element within the RESOURCETYPE element. I think I could do 
this if I could get the RESOURCETYPE into an instance of ResourceType.

But when I do

DavProperty resType = davPropertySet.get(DavPropertyName.RESOURCETYPE);

resType becames a DefaultDavProperty instead of ResourceType.

Is there any way to get a ResourceType object from a DavPropertySet?



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