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From Philipp Bunge <b...@crimson.ch>
Subject Namespaces for Property and child Node Names
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 13:24:18 GMT
Hi All

I'm curious to know when people prefix property and child node names
with namespaces and when not.

I tend to specify namespaces for all my property definitions. With
child nodes, I tend to omit the namespace only for residual items.
In the case of the blog sample from David's Model for example, I would
therefore have a path as follows:


Where the nodetype definition could look something like this:

[foo:Blog] > nt:base
    + foo:posts (foo:PostList)
    + foo:comments (foo:CommentList)

[foo:PostList] > nt:base
    + * (foo:Post)

[foo:CommentList] > nt:base
    + * (foo:Comment)


You get the point.

Anyway, do you have any best practices for this?
When would you use a namespace and when wouldn't you?
Do you ever omit namespaces for properties?


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