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From Philipp Bunge <b...@crimson.ch>
Subject Re: bug in Item.getPath?
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 07:55:21 GMT
Hi Rodrigo,

> see "4.3.1 Index Notation" (JCR 1.0 Spec):
> <quote>
> However, as opposed to the semantics of XPath, a name in a content
> repository path that does not explicitly specify an index implies an
> index of 1. For example, /a/b/c is equivalent to /a[1]/b[1]/c[1].
> </quote>

Also take a look at " Standard Form" in the JCR 2.0 spec draft:

A string constructed without any of the optional syntax shown in the
algorithm is
called the standard form of a JCR path. Such a lexical path has the following
    - All name segments are in qualified form, none are in expanded form.
    - No name segment has a [1] index.
    - There is no trailing forward slash (“/”).


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