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From Thomas Fromm ...@inubit.com>
Subject Re: FileDataStore vs DatabaseDataStore
Date Mon, 21 Sep 2009 08:01:52 GMT

> > which datastore can be easily manage like backup and restore, space
> > occupied and fast access? (given a same hardware specs)
> FileDataStore wins on all these counts. Backup/restore can be done by
> just copying the files, and incremental backups are also possible.
> Only minimal extra disk space (intermediate directories and the file
> inodes) is required beyond your binary content. And you can access the
> data at file system speed.

You can make some snapshots with your SAN storage. But nice things like point 
in time recovery you have only with database ;-).

Beside this the file storage is prone to JVM crashes (then you have lots of 
corrupt written files... often enough the storage doesn't work anymore after 
this happens). Because of this I recommend my customers to use a database in 
productive environments.

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