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From Nemix <ereas_...@hotmail.com>
Subject Follow a reference property
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 10:38:33 GMT

Hi everybody,

I have some problems using Reference property in javascript.

At the moment, my CRX repository looks like that :
 - drugs (nt:unstructured)
 --- drug1 (nt:unstructured)
 ------ name (String)
 ------ uuid
 --- drug2 (nt:unstructured)
 ------ name (String)
 ------ uuid
 - categories (nt:unstructured)
 --- cat1 (nt:unstructured)
 ------ prop11 (Reference on drug1)
 ------ prop12 (Reference on drug2)
 ------ ...
 --- cat2 (nt:unstructured)
 ------ prop21 (Reference on drug1)
 ------ ...

Nodes under "drugs" are referenceable, so each of them have a UUID.
Moreover, they have a string property : name.
Nodes under catX have properties that are Reference on the previous UUID.

If I click in the repository on those references, it leads me correctly to
the nodes unders "drugs".

I have a JSP page in which I have :
<input type="radio" name="category" value="cat1"
onClick="changeDrugs(this.value)"> 1
<input type="radio" name="category" value="cat2"
onClick="changeDrugs(this.value)"> 2

I would like that each time I change the selection of the radio button, it
calls changeDrugs() function to display the name of each reference (example
: if click on "cat1" radio button, it retrieve prop11 and prop12, "make the
link" thanks to the reference throught drugs and retrieve the name of the

This function is in a javascript file : utils.js
function changeDrugs(idr) {
 var form_d ='';
 if(idr != "null"){
  var drugsList = Sling.getContent("/content/tb_monitoring/categories/"+idr,
  for(var j in drugsList) {
   form_d += '<input type="checkbox" name="'+drugsList[j].name+'"
value="'+drugsList[j].name+'" >'+drugsList[j].name+'  <br/>';
  form_d = "";
 document.getElementById("blocDrugs").innerHTML = form_d;

But drugList[j].name display "undefined".
I have tried a couple of other things but doesn't work :
drugList[j]["jcr:path"] -> undefined
drugList[j] -> display the value of the reference, so something like

Do someone have any idea ?

Thanks in advance  ;)


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