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From "Mario" <mario.1...@gmx.de>
Subject Jakarta Slide -> Jackrabbit WebDAV
Date Wed, 26 Aug 2009 10:03:44 GMT
Hello Mailinglist,

I'm new in Jackrabbit (but read already the informations at the homepage)
and have the following problem to start with:
During an upgrade of a customer's system where we have implemented the
Jakarta Slide WebDAV Client we/the customer wants to upgrade also to a
supported version of the Slide project. Therefore we find out the jackrabbit
project. The question is: What do we need, to get the jackrabbit WebDAV run
for our purposes? The help at http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/WebDAV is
not very clear for me, I understand the examples but not the setup to make
the examples runable. 
The use-case at customer's side is the following:
In a product-lifecycle-system (web-based) the user can select objects which
he want to archive and start the action via a button. Now (simplest
purpose), with the Slide WebDAV we have created a webdav connection to a
different webserver, where the files -that are checked into the selected
objects- will be transferred. We are also able to submit the files through a
HTTPS connection. Later on, we can archive the files also in a "real"
archive-system like IXOS or EMC's Centera or via JDBC in a database.
In this way, we only need this webdav functionality, no userinterfaces etc.
- because the processing is in the background. 
Can anybody help me (give me a hint) how I can start? Which JAR-files are
minimum required for my intention? Only jcr-1.0.jar and
jackrabbit-webdav-1.6.0.jar or also other java-archives? Is there a way to
get the binaries directly for downloading?

Best regards,

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