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From Vibhu Sharma <vi...@projectoffguard.com>
Subject Clustering and DB as a storage
Date Wed, 22 Jul 2009 12:47:16 GMT
We are in a process of building a CMS on top of Jackrabbit which
exposes all the functionalities through REST. The frontend will be in
PHP. Currently, the repository is deployed using Deployment Model 1
with the FileSystem as backend.

I wanted to know how can we leverage Clustering feature of JackRabbit
for high scalibility. From reading the mailing lists and the
Clustering Doc[1] on Wiki I deduced that it can be done only using a
Database as a backend. My only concern is the storage of large files,
which in our case can be Videos, Images, Audio and Text in DB as

I have the following two queries regarding this.

1. Does the repository with huge amount of binary content gives
comparable performance to Filesystem when DB is used as a backend?
It'll be a great help if there are some figures for the performance of
the Repository with DB.

2. Can clustering be done using externalBLOBs=true with everthing else
being stored in DB?

Also please point me to any relevant docs/mails in case there are any
for me to read up. We will use MySQL as a DB in case a need arises.


[1] http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/Clustering

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