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From Nelson Takashi Omori <nelson.om...@murah.com.br>
Subject Re: Slow performance
Date Wed, 29 Jul 2009 22:34:18 GMT
I finally found the problem. I don't know why, but my Jackrabbit tables 
didn't have index.

I created the index and getNodeByUUID become fast (60 miliseconds).

Nelson Takashi Omori escreveu:
> Ok,
> I debbuged here and I found that the problem is the select query:
> in the class MSSqlPersistenceManager
> I'm using Microsoft SQL Server 2005 with JTDS. Maybe it's problem with 
> database configuration...
> Nelson Takashi Omori escreveu:
>> Hi,
>> I've been using Jackrabbit for over a year and my system has now 
>> millions of nodes and the performance is bad.
>> I've read the wiki page and I'm following the instructions of  
>> http://www.nabble.com/Explanation-and-solutions-of-some-Jackrabbit-queries-regarding-performance-td15028655.html:

>> - added the parameter <param name="respectDocumentOrder" value="false"/>
>> - My nodes doesn't have more than 4000 childs
>> - I'm not using xpath like '/jcr:root/a/b/c', my xpath is like 
>> '//element(*, myNodeType)[(jcr:contains(@aProperty, 'value1 OR value2 
>> OR ... OR valueN')]'
>> I'm also using Jackrabbit's specific functions of QueryImpl:
>>    query.setLimit(limit);
>>    query.setOffset(offset);
>> The query.execute() is taking 1500 miliseconds.
>> I'm using RowIterator and rowIterator.nextRow() is taking 200 
>> miliseconds each.
>> I need to access some informations that are stored in the children 
>> and to get them is taking  200 miliseconds.
>> So, to get 20 results from the search, it's taking 1500 + 20*(200 + 
>> 200) =  9500 miliseconds.
>> the session.getNodeByUUID, wich is supposed to be fast, is taking 200 
>> miliseconds too.
>> For now, I'm not worried about the query.execute time, I'd be happy 
>> if I could solve the two 200 miliseconds that is taking for each node.
>> I think that slow session.getNodeByUUID is the cause of the problem 
>> of rowIterator.nextRow and the time to get the children.
>> I'm using Jackrabbit version 1.4.6, but I tried to update to 1.5 and 
>> the performance wasn't improved so much.
>> In my structure, the majority of nodes are versionable. Can it be the 
>> cause of the bad performance?
>> Regards,
>> Nelson Takashi Omori
>> Murah Technologies


Nelson Takashi Omori
Murah Technologies

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