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From "Mattheis, Erik W." <Erik.W.Matth...@espn.com>
Subject RE: jackrabbit repository fully in the database
Date Thu, 11 Jun 2009 11:55:54 GMT
>> Is there any way to take it all into the database so nothing remains 
>> on the local file system?

> Unfortunately that's not currently possible. Especially the search index
> needs to be stored in the file system.

It really depends on what you mean by putting "it all" into the database. You can certainly
put all the persistent data into the database, but a certain amount of transient data will
be created on the local filesystem (indexes, journaling) and of course the configuration needs
to exist locally.

We use a centralized DB for storage in a clustered environment, and we can add nodes to the
cluster without manually copying anything other than a single XML configuration file. Jackrabbit
creates the transient data automatically upon startup.

Hopefully I'm not doing something ill-advised. It sure seems to work well for us ;)

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