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From Michael Oliver <moli...@corenttech.com>
Subject Re: Transition from Slide to Jackrabbit for file management
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 17:36:13 GMT

As a committer on Slide and a user of Slide on several of my own projects, I
feel your pain.

JackRabbit has a different model and while I am sure you can duplicate the
behavior, I would guess it is going to be easier to fix Slide than to
re-write to the new model.


On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 9:27 AM, Jeff Hillier <hillier1@llnl.gov> wrote:

> Hi All-
> I'm picking up an older project that was developed using slide 2.1. The
> existing project is a "file management" application for our web servers.
> Basically the Slide stores were configured so users could use webdav (via
> Dreamweaver/Windows Explorer etc) to place there files onto the web server
> in a development environment. Then through the application could push those
> files through our work flow into our production environment. Under the
> covers the files are pragmatically moved from the development environment to
> the production environment using the slide API. So our existing system is
> not a true content management system, but instead a file management system.
> We use a FileStore to store the files on the web server mounts and a
> DBStore to store the metadata about the files, which also completes our
> audit requirements (who did what, when, and who approved it)
> Moving to a real content management system is not an option at this time,
> but we'd like to see if we can move to a more stable implementation for
> webdav access, Jackrabbit seems like it may be a good fit. We don't have
> many "content management" requirements, ie we don't need versioning, each
> file needs to be stored un altered on the file system, and as far as the
> application is concerned files have no relationship to each other. Basically
> we just need to move files from the users desktop to the server via webdav.
> Can Jackrabbit be configured in more of a "file management" mode vs true
> content management? Can it be configured the same way Slide could, with
> metadata being stored in the DB (path, properties like create data, size,
> type), and the actual files stored on the file system in their original
> format? Am I better off trying to fix some of the issues we have in our
> current Slide based application rather than moving to jackrabbit?
> Any advise/opinions would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Jeff

Michael Oliver
CTO, Corent Technology Inc.
3600 W Florida Ave, #481
Hemet, CA, 92545

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