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From "Charles Brooking" <public+jackrab...@charlie.brooking.id.au>
Subject Re: WebDAV from Mac
Date Thu, 21 May 2009 00:41:46 GMT

> I too have it running under Mac OSX 10.5.7 with the latest Jackrabbit
> 1.5.5 build.
> If it would be helpful, I'd be more than happy to zip up everything
> including the configuration and send it to you.
> I'm using MySQL for the repository and data store, so you may have to
> change it.   Just e-mail me if you want it.

Thanks Robert (and also Alex) for following-up.

I've had Jackrabbit run successfully with the Mac WebDAV client. Indeed,
as I try it now, it works. So I'll need to dig deeper to discover the

The only complication I have is an EventListener that does processing on
files that are uploaded: because the timing of listeners is variable, this
means the problem could be difficult to reproduce. I have since solved
another problem, though, by waiting for the lock to be released (instead
of just monitoring jcr:data changes) so this could have somehow "fixed"
things. I will try to investigate further when I find the time.


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