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From Alexander Klimetschek <aklim...@day.com>
Subject Re: Using Lucene search engine with JackRabbit
Date Mon, 11 May 2009 16:25:42 GMT
On Mon, May 11, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Vidrequin <cedric@neodoc.fr> wrote:
> Do you have an idea of where I could find some clues to learn how to use
> JackRabbit search feature ?

Have a look at section 6.6 of the JCR spec (for XPath, for SQL queries
see section 8.5); pdf is [1], html version is at [2]. Reading the JCR
spec is _the_ documentation for both JCR and Jackrabbit. The query
stuff is in the javax.jcr.query package, for javadocs see [3].

For various tutorials and articles about Jackrabbit/JCR see the
JcrLinks wiki page [4].

[1] http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=170
[2] http://www.day.com/specs/jcr/1.0/
[3] http://www.day.com/maven/jsr170/javadocs/jcr-1.0/
[4] http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/JcrLinks#head-a93b63fbce47756c3042f0914b6bcbdadd6f876a

Hope that helps,

Alexander Klimetschek

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