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From Peter Henzler <...@scodi.ch>
Subject How to handle XA Transactions?
Date Wed, 27 May 2009 09:31:30 GMT

After searching for days the web for information about how to work with XA (Distributed Transactions)
I am more confused than before.

I want to use Jackrabbit in a spring framework without an application server.
I want to handle transactions through spring annotations and JTA Transaction API.

Is it true, that the Jackrabbit transaction support can only work with UserTransactions and
can't work with distributed transactions?
Is it true, that I can only get Jackrabbit working together with XA Transactions if I use
the Jackrabbit JCA interface?
Do you know any other working solutions (other than the  Jencks) for using the Jackrabbit
JCA without an application server in the background?

If I am using the Jackrabbit Datastore and Persistence configured with an XA JDBC-Driver,
do I really need Transactions in Jackrabbit. Wouldn't the XA JDBC-Driver work in a 2phase
commit handled by the installed JTA TransactionManager ?
I mean, if I am doing changes in the repository those changes will be made with the configured
XA JDBC-Driver in the DB-Datastore. If a 2phace commit failes due to an error in another part
of the XA transaction the changes to the Jackrabbit datastore will be rolled back by the responsible
XA-JDBC Driver. So the changes made to the repository wouldn't be visible afterwards because
they never were committed to the Database?

Any help how to work with Jackrabbit with XA transactions correctly is very appreciated.

Best regards
Peter Henzler

henzler informatik gmbh 
Teichstrasse 7
CH-4106 Therwil

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