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From Johannes Boneschanscher <jackrab...@boneschanscher.net>
Subject consistency guarantees of Jackrabbit/Lucene indexes
Date Wed, 13 May 2009 13:36:30 GMT
Hi All,

I have searched the Internet and codebase of Jackrabbit about 
recoverability of the Lucene Indexing in a cluster scenario, however I'm 
not certain whether it is really recoverable. I hope someone can 
enlighten me.

To make failover of the Jackrabbit machine possible we have our files 
for indexes of each node and of the FileDataStore on a network share.
We use JNDIDatabaseJournal for clustering two nodes on the same machine. 
The version of Jackrabbit is Fri Jan 11 14:41:29 EET 2008 version=1.4 
(according to the pom.properties inside Jackrabbit-Core)

As far as I understand from JCR-204 
(http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/JCR-204), which is still open, 
some measures have been taken to make indexes recoverable.
Also JCR-905 (closed) and JCR-778 (closed) seem related.

In the past we have had issues with Jackrabbit that the connection to 
the network share was unstable and the index became corrupted, we try to 
avoid that (by moving it to a SAN with iSCSI), but as reindexing the 
entire repository takes a lot of time, as we also index the content with 
almost all text extractors (See: 

we would like to know whether Jackrabbit can completely recover from 
this kind of situation. (BTW: We solve this by restarting the AppServer 
Jackrabbit is running on, and then the auto recover kicks in, I guess 
this one: 


If it can recover, why is JCR-204 still open? If it cannot recover, we 
would have to use a local disk and we cannot cluster the machine 
anymore, and (if I can find time) I'll try and fix the issue.



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