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From Bear Giles <bgi...@coyotesong.com>
Subject search index and jndi
Date Wed, 06 May 2009 16:09:47 GMT
I’m having problems with files (and a derby instance?) for search 
indexes even when I’m setting up a completely database-driven backend. 
Am I missing something?


I’m running a recent version of jackrabbit and have set up my 
repository.xml file so that all FileSystems and PersistenceManagers, 
including the optional FS specified in the <SearchIndex> stanzas, are 
actually o.a.j.core.fs.db.DbFileSystem and 
respectively. I know the database configuration is good because all of 
the tables, including the search index tables, are created on a clean 
system. (The specifics are tomcat6 server publishing a postgresql 
datasource via jndi. Obviously I added the necessary stanza to the 
web.xml file as well.)

The problem is that I also see all of the derby(?) stuff under 
${rep.home}/index and ${wsp.home}/index. There’s only a single entry the 
index fsentry table even after populating the workspace.

Am I missing something, some parameter to tell the search index to use 
the specified FS?



(p.s., there seems to be something wrong with the Apache spam filter. 
I've been unable to get a message through from my work account, and the 
only theory we have here is that the company was acquired a few years 
ago and there's probably a disconnect between the domain of the sender 
and how the mail server identifies itself. We can't be sure, though, 
just that every message gets a spam score of exactly 6.6, which exceeds 
the threshold #SMTP# (sic)).

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