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From Luís Tiago Rico <tiagor...@gmail.com>
Subject re: OCMProxy problem
Date Thu, 07 May 2009 16:50:16 GMT
Hi again,


Found out that for solving my problem I must include the jboss cglib.jar in
my ear file for a correct redeploying.

This is related because installing OCM in this deployment model is somehow

Again, as may have said, there is no documentation! L


In development I will use this configuration, all OCM jars and dependencies
at my ear, but in production, I will put everything on jboss default lib!

For now this is the solution that I will take! But, I don’t think it is nice
solution either! 


Zukka ? Christophe? Anyone else got a better solution for this deployment

Any advices!


Many thanks



From: Luís Tiago Rico [mailto:tiagorico@gmail.com] 
Sent: quinta-feira, 7 de Maio de 2009 13:21
To: 'users@jackrabbit.apache.org'
Subject: re: OCMProxy problem


Forgot to say if I remove the ‘proxy = true’ attribute, all goes right!

The object is loaded even in redeployment!


The error happens when I try to iterate over the collection inside a


        ObjectContentManager ocm = null;

        try {

            ocm = getObjectManager(connect());

            PEI pei = (PEI) ocm.getObject(path);

            pathNames = new LinkedHashMap<String, String>();

            for (Folder f : pei.getOffline()) {

                pathNames.put(f.getPath(), f.getName());


        } catch (RepositoryException e) {

            throw new JackrabbitException("Error connecting to the content
repository", e);

        } finally {

            if (ocm != null) {





Thanks again for any advice!



From: Luís Tiago Rico [mailto:tiagorico@gmail.com] 
Sent: quinta-feira, 7 de Maio de 2009 12:46
To: 'users@jackrabbit.apache.org'
Subject: OCMProxy problem


Hi to all


I’m using Jackrabbit 1.5.5 with deployment model 2 on Jboss.

I’m using OCM and I’m having this proxy problem!


I have the 2 ocm jars on my app plus commons-beanutils depency and cglib is
on jboss lib!


I have the following error when redeploying my app on the server! This only
happens on redeployment! First time all goes right! Think is a classloader
problem or something is missing me!


12:22:10,578 ERROR [DefaultExceptionHandler] proxy should implement OcmProxy

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: proxy should implement OcmProxy


        at $java.util.List$$EnhancerByCGLIB$$819dd90b.iterator(<generated>)


My Pojo


@Node(extend = HierarchyNode.class)

public class PEI extends HierarchyNode {



    private String peiName;


    @Collection(proxy = true)

    private List<Folder> online;



Any help? 

Thanks in advance!

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