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From "Laird, Nicholas J." <Nicholas.La...@gd-ais.com>
Subject Problems storing/accessing very large files via WebDAV
Date Wed, 29 Apr 2009 23:22:31 GMT
I am having an issue when storing and retrieving very large files (
400MB -> 2GB ) to my Jackrabbit repository via WebDAV.  I am using the
FileDataStore to store resources of size greater than 100 bytes (i.e.,
the default configuration for FileDataStore on the Jackrabbit wiki).

I need to support these large files and have the repository presented to
the end user as a mapped network drive in Windows Explorer.  I have
tried using both Windows Explorer's built-in WebDAV client (by mapping
my repository as a network drive) and a product called WebDrive, which
also does network drive mapping.  Performance with WebDrive is better
(Explorer seems to have known WebDAV issues, at least in Windows XP),
but for large enough files even it gets bogged down and confused.

When uploading a file by drag/drop to the mapped network drive in
Explorer, the upload seems to proceed and finish normally, from the
WebDAV client's perspective, however Jackrabbit is performing some sort
of internal caching (it seems) while the WebDAV session is still "open",
with the client believing that the transfer is still in progress.  

A snippet of the Jackrabbit log file (with trace logging enabled) during
the transfer is below.  Notice the timestamp difference between lines 3
and 4:

1) 29.04.2009 16:04:56 *DEBUG* ImportContextImpl: Starting IOHandler
(DefaultIOListener.java, line 43)
2) 29.04.2009 16:04:56 *DEBUG* ItemManager: caching item
e7ab8f92-d6a5-4bbf-bb9c-fb7e0ab9042e (ItemManager.java, line 787)
3) 29.04.2009 16:04:56 *DEBUG* ItemManager: caching item
(ItemManager.java, line 787)
4) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ItemManager: caching item
e (ItemManager.java, line 787)
5) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ItemManager: caching item
g (ItemManager.java, line 787)
6) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ItemManager: destroyed item
g (ItemManager.java, line 884)
7) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ItemManager: removing items
g from cache (ItemManager.java, line 801)
8) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ItemManager: caching item
ified (ItemManager.java, line 787)
9) 29.04.2009 16:05:12 *DEBUG* ImportContextImpl: Result for IOHandler
(org.apache.jackrabbit.server.io.DefaultHandler): OK
(DefaultIOListener.java, line 50)

16 seconds isn't an eternity, but the time increases as the size of the
file increases.  At a large enough file size, Explorer gives up on the
transfer with a "Write Delay Failed" error and WebDrive thinks the
server has taken too long to respond and times out.  WebDrive can be
configured to wait longer, but I have had to increase the time to 2
minutes to try to manage files nearing 2GB.  

During downloads, the same situation occurs, except "caching item" of
the jcr:data property occurs before the download can start.

I am not sure exactly what Jackrabbit is doing or if there is a way to
speed up the process (or prevent the caching altogether, if that is
indeed what is happening).  It could be that some other operation is
occurring that is not being revealed by the logging (though the trace
logging seems pretty thorough and verbose).

Any suggestions on how to configure or optimize for this situation is
greatly appreciated.

Nicholas Laird

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