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From Sunil K M <kmsu...@gmail.com>
Subject Query regarding performance & scalability
Date Fri, 17 Apr 2009 07:00:32 GMT
  We have a application which has option to attach documents.
Currently we are managing it using a custom implementation wherein the
attached documents are stored in the file system. We intend to move to
a content repository implementation and have identified Jackrabbit. We
have the following questions about performance and scalability since
the number of documents we store can go upto few hundred thousands.

1. Is Jackrabbit the right choice for this scenario?

2. In our current application we are organizing the attached files
into multiple sub-directories within a root directory. We ran into an
issue on Linux due to the number of sub-directories we can have within
a directory. When we tried Jackrabbit we set externalBLOBs param in
PersistenceManager of workspace to store the uploaded files on the
file system. We noticed that Jackrabbit is creating a blobs directory
within the workspace and for each file uploaded it is creating a sub
directory within blobs. Is Jackrabbit programmed to handle the file
system limit ?

3. Is there any document available on the testing done wrt performance
& scalability for managing large number of documents?


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