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From Jaco Prinsloo <jacoli...@gmail.com>
Subject Weird JackRabbit and EJB problems
Date Wed, 15 Apr 2009 13:20:39 GMT
Hi All,

I have the strangest problem. I'm running a Glassfish server with the
JackRabbit v1.5 resource adapter. For my application I have a JSF front-end
which makes use of a stateless session bean to connect to JackRabbit. I have
methods to create a test folder and to remove a test folder, as follow:


private RepositoryBean repositoryBean;

public void createFolder(ActionEvent event) {
  repositoryBean.createFolder("Test Folder");

public void removeFolder(ActionEvent event) {
  repositoryBean.removeFolder("Test Folder");


@Resource(name = "jcr/repository")
private Repository repository;

private Session session;

public void createFolder(String folderName) throws RepositoryException {

public void removeFolder(String folderName) throws RepositoryException {

private void openSession() {
  SimpleCredentials credentials = new SimpleCredentials("user",
  try {
    session = repository.login(lCredentials);
  catch (Exception exception) {
    throw new RuntimeException(exception)

private void closeSession() {

Problem is, this works about half the time, and the other half of the time I
receive the following exception:

 Transaction aborted; nested exception is:
javax.transaction.RollbackException javax.ejb.EJBException: Transaction
aborted; nested exception is: javax.transaction.RollbackException
javax.transaction.RollbackException at
Which doesn't tell me what the underlying problem is at all. I've tried
debugging both the JSF and the Session bean methods and they execute without
a problem. The exception occurs sometime after the Session bean method has
finished, but before the JSF method receives control again. I am fairly
confident that this problem is somehow related to JackRabbit, as I have
other Session beans that work without problem.

Any ideas? Is there anyway I can easily find the root of the problem?

Thank you,

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