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From Dipu <dipu....@googlemail.com>
Subject Clustering and FileSytems
Date Thu, 09 Apr 2009 10:50:14 GMT
Hi all,

Wiki page on Clustering says that
each cluster node needs its own (private) FileSystem and Search index.

Just to be entirely clear on this, the repository.xml file has 3
FileSystems defined:
 - one for repository
 - one for workspaces
 - one for versioning

Does each cluster node need its own FileSystem for *all* of these ?

Finally, all the clustering examples we've come across use the
LocalFileSystem. Is there a particular reason for this? We'd like to
use the DBFileSystem ( private DBFileSystem for each node) - is this
likely to cause us any problems?

Sorry for asking the same question again.

Thanks & Regards

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