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From Christian Schröder <n...@l7010.de>
Subject Re: Is UUID Unique Key ...
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 10:15:53 GMT
imadhusudhanan schrieb:
> Hi	 All,
> May I know the significance of UUID in Jackrabbit and how do we use it... ??? Is UUID
a Primary Key .. ??

If you use thi mix:referencable MixinType the UUID of a node is kind of
like primary key for this node. It is like a unique identifier. And you
can use it to reference a node without knowing its path.

That way you have 2 types of acces to specific nodes:
- content structure aware via it's path
- node identity aware via it's UUID

It depends on the application which one is right or wrong. Think about
the difference between identity and location.

And now a mostly inappropriate comparison :)

in a workshop you need a screwdriver so you go to the toolbox and look
at the place where the screwdriver should be and take it, you won't look
for a specific one, just the one you have in the toolbox;

But in the checkroom you will want to have your specific jacket, that's
why you get a unique number (at least for this evening) and even if they
switch everything around in the checkroom, your number references
exactly your jacket))


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