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From Christian Schröder <n...@l7010.de>
Subject Re: Jackrabbit & google AppEngine
Date Mon, 13 Apr 2009 09:53:05 GMT
Tako Schotanus schrieb:
> "In an short attemp I tried to get from 0-AWS knowledge to a running JR demo
> app"
> Hi Korbinian,
> would you mind detailing a bit more how and what you did? I don't mean an
> exact description but just a rundown of the services you used and such.
> Is there a way to try what you did for free? Because I have the feeling from
> what I read that you always have to pay with Amazon?

this is right.

> It's one of the reasons I never tried any of the Amazon services and it
> might be an advantage that Google has: in lots of places developers make the
> tech decisions and if Google allows you to try things out for free you're
> more likely to take a look at it.

The cost for AWS is not so high at all. i could even say neglible
(especially if you buy a tech book once a while, to learn new possibilites)

If you just wanna test stuff out for one week you start an instance
maybe for 9 hours a day. If you just spend one week with maybe 2
instances you pay around 10$ (2 * 9h * 5d * 0,1$ + 1$ buffer and S3
storage) But will get insight in an easy infrastructure to bootstrap
without much upfront cost. Just to know about this possibility and how
this works is a good investment.

first day get to know the api, fiddle around with tutorials how to setup
an instance image and write scripts to automate startup and ami creation.
second day use scripts to start an instance with the last saved state
from the day before, fiddle around try to understand the user-data stuf.
interact with s3 (automatic download of more instance stuff on startup
for example)
third day get to know ebs volumes use the api, try some scripts to
automate stuff
fourth day get to know this sqs stuff, write simple master / worker apps
in java; just for fun start 10 instances and watch them get to work;
stop em fast or you will learn the scalability of the price ;)
fifth day wrap up, put it all together with elastic ips

Skip sqs and ebs if time is not sufficent.

The secret is partly in the automation stuff and of course in the
flexibility. And for real usage you need something for automatic
configuration of instances like puppet

but just trying out doesn't cost much money. it costs some time, but the
time cost is for google app engine anyway.


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