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From Christian Schröder <n...@l7010.de>
Subject Re: ConnectionRecoveryManager collecting all PreparedStatements
Date Wed, 08 Apr 2009 09:58:29 GMT
Stefan Guggisberg schrieb:
>> i'am wondering if it is intended that ConnectionRecoveryManager collects
>> all PreparedStatements ever done and never removes them at all.
> the hashmap keeping track of the PreparedStatement instances is cleared
> on reconnect. all previously created PreparedStatement instances are now
> subject to be gc'ed. IMO a reasonable PreparedStatement implementation
> will free all bond resources once an instance is finalized. at least so far
> we haven't experienced any related issues. please create a jira issue if you do
> experience reasource leakage issues with a specific jdbc driver.

So if the connection stays open all time the statements will never be
released and so they will never be gc'ed. Right now this is more of a
theoretical problem, because it only surfaced in combination with the
not correctly working ha-jdbc driver.

But nevertheless it is a possible leak, in the case when the connection
will not close.

I do not mind now, just wanted to be sure i understood this correctly.


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