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From "Paulo Formoso Silva" <paulo.jf.si...@criticalsoftware.com>
Subject boost attribute not working?
Date Thu, 16 Apr 2009 00:32:00 GMT

I've configured my index.xml with something like this:
<property boost=3D"5">jcr:title</property>
<property boost=3D"4">jcr:keywords</property>

The search works OK, and I know that the index.xml is being read, because
if I remove one of this lines, the document that only has my searchphrase
in that property doesn't appear in the search anymore.

My problem is that I'm testing with 2 docs: one with "test" in title and
another in the keywords but both documents retrieve the same jcr:score, s=
the ordering is messed up.

What happens is that the boost is being ignored when generating the

More information
 - I'm using a custom nodetype that holds these properties
 - I'm doing the query like this: "SELECT * FROM nt:resource WHERE
CONTAINS(., 'test')  ORDER BY jcr:score ASC"

Any idea why the boost doesn't work? Is there any tips how to make boost


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