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From Juan Pereyra <juan.pere...@globant.com>
Subject Questions about OCM, production readiness and documentation status
Date Fri, 24 Apr 2009 13:20:42 GMT
Hi guys,

First of all my kudos to you for the great work so far, and now down to business. I'm analysing
JackRabbit and the OCM for one of our clients and I came to notice the small amount of documentation
on the OCM. I understand this is a fairly new project but I expected to have something like
the Hibernate mapping docs, that states the use, parameters and characteristics of each annotation.

The main reason for us to have such a requirement is that we'll be running this project with
a large team that knows about content management, but has never worked with the JCR nor Jackrabbit.

I was considering doing without the OCM, at least for now, and writing the mappers for each
domain object by hand, or doing a very simple generic mapper at most; but something keeps
pushing me to think that the OCM is a great product and would be indeed very useful for us;
but you tell me.

Also, does OCM support lazy loading?


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