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From Bjorn Danielsson <bj...@implior.se>
Subject WebDAV, XML files, and jcr:data
Date Wed, 11 Mar 2009 17:33:10 GMT
Hi everyone, I am a Jackrabbit newbie so please excuse me if this
is a stupid question.

I used the SimpleWebdavServlet to copy a tree of files of various
types into a Jackrabbit repository, and noticed that all files
get a "jcr:data" property that contains the actual content of the
file, except files that have the filename extension ".xml".

Such files turn into trees that represent the XML parse-tree if
the file contains parseable XML, and they turn into nothing at all
if it's not parseable XML, i.e. nothing is stored in the latter case.

Is there some configuration I can tweak to get the "jcr:data"
property always, for both parseable XML files and for files that
have the .xml extension but don't contain parseable XML?

For the record: The Jackrabbit version was 1.5.2 and the WebDAV
client was davfs2-1.3.3 with libneon.so.26.0.4 on linux.

Björn Danielsson  <bjorn@implior.se>

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