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From Henry Jones <hjones...@yahoo.com>
Subject Performance and "global revisions"
Date Mon, 09 Mar 2009 11:52:24 GMT


We are looking to migrate from a Subversion-based "content repository"
to a JSR-170-based repository, implemented using Jackrabbit, due to
various performance and scalability limitations imposed by the
Subversion implementation.

We are looking to use a simple "nt:folder" and "nt:file" content model,
with relatively large numbers of relatively small files (a mix of XML
files, sizes in the 1-10K range, and binary files, sizes mainly in say
the 10K-10Mb) - say 1-3 million XML files and 5 to 15 million binary
files with a data volume for the binary files between 5 and 15 Tb (the
XML to binary file ratio somewhere around 1:4 or 1:5).

One of the questions we want to answer is how we can expect Jackrabbit
to perform in this sort of case, e.g. using the JDBC Persistence
Manager on an Oracle server.

Additionally, we have a question about how best to model Subversion's
repository global "revision number" within a multi-user
Jackrabbit-based environment. Our content items are versioned
independently but also viewed as a single "revisioned" entity
collectively, such that we can determine the set of changes applied to
the repository from one point in time (or revision) to another.

We have looked at doing this by simulation of the global version as the
version of the root node, performing the 'check in' after each save
operation. The problem we have is to retrieve frozen child nodes in
corresponding version without use of the restore operation. The child
nodes are stored with OnParentVersion = VERSION so there's no direct
access to child's versions but to the whole version history. Is
examining the jcr:created date to find the corresponding versions a
good idea or not really ? How Jackrabbit decides about restore of child
nodes in the 'restore' operation ?

Are there better ways of doing this?

Any and all help very much appreciated.


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