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From Dipu <dipu....@googlemail.com>
Subject Exception while creating workspace created on another cluster node
Date Fri, 13 Mar 2009 12:39:59 GMT

We're having some problems with a clustered setup when new workspaces
are created. When a workspace is created on a clustered node the
WorkspaceListener. externalWorkspaceCreated method implementation in
RepositoryImpl is throwing an exception with the error message:

"failed to create workspace configuration at path"

The internalCreateWorkspaceConfig method in RepositoryConfig calls
virtualFS.createFolder(configDir), which fails.

It looks like the configDir is already created by the node that
created the workspace and this node is trying to create it again and
is failing.

We are using the DbFileSystem and Jackrabbit version 1.5.0 (
alsotested with 1.5.3 )

Thanks & Regards

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