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From Matteo Serritiello <serri...@eng.it>
Subject Nodetype registration and properties with 'xml attributes'
Date Thu, 05 Mar 2009 15:00:56 GMT
Hi to all,
we have to register our custom nodetype in Jackrabbit repository. We 
extend nt:resource for files and add other properties. The problem is 
that our customer want to observe ICCD standard that says:
property extension: dc
property name: subject
property example: <dc:subject xsi:type="imv:DRAT">subject value</dc:subject>

Then, I don't know xml equivalent about Jackrabbit property 
implementation so I don't know how can (if it's possible...) insert 
xsi:type 'xml attribute' with his value in our custom property 
definition of nodetype.

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