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From Benjamin Brown <benjamin.br...@thisisnumero.com>
Subject RE: Custom ScoreIterator - how do I implement?
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 10:09:37 GMT

> Can someone give me pointers on how to provide a custom node iterator?

> jackrabbit does not allow this. see above.

Would there be another way of plugging in (at the lucene level perhaps) to apply a score on
the nodes? The major concern is that as another poster pointed out a wrapper over the nodeiterator
at the point of acquisition is the way to go, the performance of this will be abysmal. Basically
I'd need to look up the score on each node as it is popped, and whilst I could cache a number
of nodes in the wrapper on wrapper creation, this would be a very "hacky" solution.

Thanks again,


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