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From Greg Klebus <g...@klebus.com>
Subject Release announcements of external products considered spam?
Date Tue, 03 Feb 2009 22:38:47 GMT
Hi All

Having announced product X recently [1] on Jackrabbit & Sling mailing
lists, I was reminded not to spam. Should have done it before, but
better late than never: I'd like to ask whether external product
announcements, or more specifically under which conditions, would not
be considered spam.

My view would be that under some conditions it would help the core
community subscribed to the lists to get information about the
open-source projects being used by the community at large, including
commercial vendors. Let me know if I'm misinterpreting the needs here.

My quick proposal:

A product release announcement post would NOT be considered spam if:

1. Product uses the open-source library(ies) produced by the community
in question
2. The post is fairly short (should we go for roughly limiting it to
e.g., 5 sentences [2] or less?) with pointer to more info for the
3. The frequency of posting announcements would be reasonable (common
sense benchmark)

Optional extra conditions:

4. Announcement is only sent to users@ list. dev@ are not per se interested.
5. Product is in itself open source


FYI Apart from my own recent announcement [1], I have found just three
older announcements [3] [4] [5].

[1] http://dev.day.com/discussion-groups/content/lists.go/spzdxfoo
[2] http://five.sentenc.es/
[3] http://dev.day.com/discussion-groups/content/lists.go/ozdzjqov
[4] http://dev.day.com/discussion-groups/content/lists.go/sxdghzgq
[5] http://dev.day.com/discussion-groups/content/lists.go/tzqkghqa


-- Greg Klebus | http://day.com | http://dev.day.com
-- Best open-source JCR repository: http://jacrkabbit.apache.org
-- CRX: Best enterprise-grade JCR repository: http://dev.day.com

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