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From 小川 貴裕 <og...@brainsellers.com>
Subject File based clustering of jackrabbit
Date Fri, 13 Feb 2009 05:22:27 GMT
Dear all,
I'm a test engeneer in Japan.

We deploy jackrabbit for our application to keep pdf files.
(with using ObjectPersistenceManager as PM)
And I am reserching how to use jackrabbit on clustering servers.

Then I have a question about clustering...

[Q.] Is it possible to operate jackrabbit with file based repository?

I've read <http://jackrabbit.apache.org/jackrabbit-configuration.html> and

At the last paragraph of the latter page, I found "Since file system based
persistence managers are not transactional, one has to use persistence
managers storing their data in a database running standalone."

I understand that DB based repository is stable, better and strongly
recommended. But I am not sure it is possible or not.
(nuance of "have to" is not clear for me...)

# We won't introduce another DBMS for our customer ,if possible,
# to avoid support needs for DBMS settings.

I think, jackrabbit has its own locking components, so it does not
depend on locking system of low level layer.
Assuming no network problem, HDD crash nor sudden shutdown,
jackrabbit can be operated on clustering servers without DBMS.
(If these accidents ocuur, user will restore repository from his backup,
and he will lost some nodes(pdfs) newly registered.
It is users choice to accept this risk, or not.)

Is it right?

Any suggestion is appreciated.
Thank you for reading long question..
Takahiro OGAWA <ogawa(at)brainsellers.com>

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