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From Fabián Mandelbaum <fmandelb...@gmail.com>
Subject Workspaces and separating content storage
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 13:04:40 GMT
Hello there,

    I've read David's Model wiki
(http://wiki.apache.org/jackrabbit/DavidsModel) and many other JR
articles on the Internet (don't have their URLs handy). One of the
articles I've read spoke about JR as a kind of "better DB than a DB, for
content-related stuff".

    I have a project where we need to store content for different
accounts/clients/whatever_you_want_to_call_them and chosen JackRabbit as
the "storage engine". You may be able to see the architecture here:

    Right now, I have one JR repo for each account, so each account is
self-contained, but it's proving a bit messy to handle and the content
model is changing all the time (not because what I need to store
changes, but because of the way I store it). I've downloaded and played
a bit with Jackrabbit Standalone Server 1.5.2 jar and like what it
offers (one instance running only, 'out of the box' webdav, simpler
deployment, etc.).

    Now, with a DB one doesn't have a DB server instance running per
each account one needs to handle, but only *1* DB server instance and as
many tables and rows as the developer modelled.

    With all this in mind, which would be your recommendations for
storing content for different accounts where each account should not be
able to see content from the other? Is a workspace-per-account a viable
solution or will it "break my machine" if I even dare to try?

    I'm sorry if I've confused you, I'm confused and a bit frustrated
myself right now :-) Thanks in advance for your answers.

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