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From Peter Stibrany <stibr...@foundation.sk>
Subject References to workspace in DavResourceLocator
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 09:32:26 GMT

I am trying to use WebDAV component of Jackrabbit to build custom WebDAV 
server on top of our application. I am in very early stages of looking 
into Jackrabbit, and still confused :-)

I don't understand, why are there references to Workspace concept in 
DavResourceLocator interface. If I am right, this is JCR-specific 
concept, not one from WebDav. Is that true?

There are few more methods in DavResourceLocator inteface, which are not 
used inside webdav component at all. In my opinion removing them (moving 
to other interfaces in appropriate components) would make understanding 
of interfaces in WebDav component simpler (for me at least :-)), 
although there are obvious API compatibility issues in doing so. What do 
you think?

Peter Stibrany

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