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From Vidar Ramdal <vi...@idium.no>
Subject Tricky query
Date Mon, 02 Feb 2009 21:19:33 GMT
Hi all;

I'm trying to execute a full-text XPath query (using jcr:contains).
The problem is, I don't want to return the matching node, but an

My repository is used for storing web site content (we're using Apache
Sling). Each web page has a corresponding node, and each 'page' node
can have any number of 'text block' nodes. A 'page' node is denoted by
the property called @sling:resourceType with the value 'page'.
When searching for a specific term, a matching node may be found in
the 'text block' nodes. However, I  want the search result to consist
only of 'page' nodes.

An example: Given a page 'A' with a text block node 'TB' with the text
'Lorem', and 'Lorem' as the given search term, the search result
should contain page 'A'.

So far, I've tried variations of this query:
"/jcr:root/some/path//*[@sling:resourceType='page' and
//*[jcr:contains(.//*, '" + term + "')]]
 ... but I generally get error messages telling me that the XPath
feature I want is not supported.

Any suggestions?

Vidar S. Ramdal <vidar@idium.no> - http://www.idium.no
Akersgata 16, N-0158 Oslo, Norway

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