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From Thomas Fromm ...@inubit.com>
Subject Re: Q: Using JackRabbit as a distributed file store
Date Thu, 12 Feb 2009 19:41:07 GMT

> So my questions are: does JackRabbit provide what we want? Having read thru
> the documentation, I am still unclear on whether it is a framework or a
> full-blown system, and does it have only back-end components or also a
> front-end. In short, I'm trying to understand how much we would need to
> develop? I saw that Day is developing a commercial system, but for a hefty
> sum - is there a free alternative? Also I understand that JackRabbit
> currently supports JCR 1.x, which does not include distribution across
> locations? Is there an estimate when it will support JCR 2.x, i.e.
> WAN distribution?

Just to clarify:

Jackrabbit is an implementation of the JCR specification.
It has some implementations for data persistence. e.g. you can store the data 
into normal filesystem or also into database.
You can also develop your own persistence layer which works over WAN.
It has by default no webbased GUI. You need to develop your own.


In my opinion (if I understand your requirements) the easiest way for you 
would be to choose a webbased document management system.
There you have the webbased interface for management, for adding users, their 
permissions and so on. Also you have change history, indexing for search and 
so on...
Most of them uses databases for persistence.

To share the data to different servers I'd have a look at database features. 
(As catchwords take replication or distributed databases.)
Depending on choosen software, multiple instances of the document management 
system can work on a shared/replicated database.

But don't ask for details. I never had such scenario nor I used any content 
management system :-).
These are just only my first thoughts after reading you mail.

> The other concept I've seen is the WebDav spec, which seems to be about 10
> years old. I don't know if there are any implementation (e.g.
> http://ftp.ics.uci.edu/
> <http://goog_1234415942981>pub/ietf/<http://goog_1234415942981>
> webdav <http://goog_1234415942981>/ <http://goog_1234415942981>
> http://ftp.ics.uci.edu/pub/ietf/webdav/implementation.html), or systems
> built on top of it, that provides what I want.

WebDAV ist still alive. And still widly used e.g. inside Microsoft Exchange 
for example.


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