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From Kurz Wolfgang <wolfgang.k...@gwvs.de>
Subject Problem with Date Comparisons
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2009 13:59:11 GMT
Hello everyone, 

I am having trouble searching for Content before or after a certain date in my Repository.

I have a attribute in my repository that's called "wiedervorlageAsDate" which is a Calendar

Now when I do a Search on my Repository like the following:

I always get a full result-set when I use <= xs:dateTime or < and I always get a empty
resultset when ever is use >= or > 

Somehow it doesn't matter at all what the value I compare to is.

This is the query I am using:
/jcr:root/*/*/*[(@artikelDokument = 'false') and (@freigegeben = 'true') and (@aktiv = 'true')
and (@wiedervorlageAsDate <= xs:dateTime('2008-02-25T14:18:26.516+01:00'))and (@tempContent
= 'false')]/*//element(*, nt:unstructured) [(@menuid = '1067') and  ( @ocm_classname='de.gwvs.tos.commons.jackrabbit.domain.JCRMenuId')]

Anyone have an idea on what I am doing wrong?

There has to be a solution cause I can't imagine any use of jackrabbit if you can't compare
dates that are stored inside.

Would be awesome if anyone had some hints for me!

Thx a lot in advance!


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