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From "MARTINEZ Antonio" <Antonio.Marti...@alcatel-lucent.com>
Subject Performance of export/migration/import
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 04:55:08 GMT

It is that time in our project were we need to support export/import
with data migration.
In our case, during migration:
- We actually need to change some parameters for most of the nodes
before we import.
- We definitely have to have Jackrabbit running during the export (and
preferably also during the import)
- We need to be able to export/migrate/import both a subtree or the
entire repository.
- We need to do and export/migration/import in under 3 hours for a 20G
repository (the index in this case is about 8G)

In the wiki
ion)) I see three options:

1) Low level, copying file system (for index) and tables for data (mysql
in our case)
  I think we can not use this option because I do not know how can I
modify the data (tables  and index) in the process.
  Any options here?

2) Use JCR API (export/import to/from XML)
   This would be great since would allow Jackrabbit to be running in the
   It is also great since it allows to specify a subtree for

   However, we can not use it for performance reasons:
   The test I have done for a typical subtree in our case-  :
       -Exported data: 14M
       -Export time: 1' 45"
   We can have up to 10K subtrees of this size in the repository.

3) Using a tool (like Jecars)
   Anybody has any data to show if this or other tool would support our
requirements ?

Any other options are very welcome !

Thanks in advance,

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