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From "Alexander Klimetschek" <aklim...@day.com>
Subject Re: Access control and node types with WebDAV
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 18:01:39 GMT
On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 4:20 PM, Charles Brooking
<public+jackrabbit@charlie.brooking.id.au> wrote:
> Alexander Klimetschek wrote:
> I'm not sure how a different content model would change things - am I
> missing something obvious? My intention is just to restrict WebDAV from
> modifying certain properties; these are properties the user might
> have "permission" to modify, but because WebDAV doesn't allow validation
> it could be argued that modifications should only be allowed through an
> application-specific interface (eg HTTP/HTML with form validation).

Ok, I see. There are two other validation options that will work
without extending the WebDAV code:

a) you can put regexp-like value constraints on properties in JCR (via
node types) (see section 6.7.16 "Value Constraints" of the JCR spec
[1] and node type definition in Jackrabbit [2]), albeit they are quite

b) use JCR observation listeners to check for validity (but this
happens asynchronously after the change was saved)

[1] http://www.day.com/specs/jcr/1.0/6.7.16_Value_Constraints.html
[2] http://jackrabbit.apache.org/node-types.html

> I guess this is life: I spent enough time studying JCR and Jackrabbit,
> I already had opinions and knowledge about the REST interface I wanted,
> and there didn't seem to be much material for people outside the project
> to understand Sling. So I dived-in with plain JAX-RS.
> It has been a good experience so far: JAX-RS annotations mean not too
> much code and Jersey supports JSP for view templates. Although maybe it
> could be better with Sling - I guess I'll find out when I have time to
> take another look at the project.

Never mind, that's a good approach, too. Just wanted to let you know
about Sling in case you didn't see it yet. And IMO it's really cool


Alexander Klimetschek

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