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From Anirvan Majumdar <anirban.majum...@taxilalab.com>
Subject Node UUID value
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2009 07:49:16 GMT
Hello everyone,

I am facing a rather strange problem, most probably due to a lack of 
understanding of the internals of JackRabbit's node creation logic.

In my repository, I had a particular Node which didn't have the mixin 
type "referenceable". Due to subsequent changes in requirements, I 
needed to access this node using its UUID. I changed my node-types 
definition file and added the required mixin type to the node definition.

    Thereafter, I am seeing a strange behaviour - once the JCR 
repository is brought up, node.getUUID() returns me a value as expected. 
However, the node does NOT have the mandatory property "jcr:uuid" set. I 
also saw that doing a node.save() results in the setting of the jcr:uuid 

Can anyone explain me the logic behind this kind of a implementation.


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