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From Charles Brooking <public+jackrab...@charlie.brooking.id.au>
Subject Re: Access control and node types with WebDAV
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2009 15:20:29 GMT
Alexander Klimetschek wrote:
 > Why do you want different access rights depending on the way the user
 > connects to the repository? That seems like the content model could be
 > improved.

I'm not sure how a different content model would change things - am I
missing something obvious? My intention is just to restrict WebDAV from
modifying certain properties; these are properties the user might
have "permission" to modify, but because WebDAV doesn't allow validation
it could be argued that modifications should only be allowed through an
application-specific interface (eg HTTP/HTML with form validation).

So not necessarily different access rights, just reduced functionality.

 > Sling offers a lot, and you always have the control over the details.
 > First of all, it supports the following formats over HTTP
 > out-of-the-box: WebDAV, JSON, Plain Text rendering (for reading). The
 > SlingPostServlet allows to manipulate the JCR via form posts. Finally
 > it is *very* easy to write your own REST interface - the built-in ones
 > are the default renderings if there are no others (custom) defined.
 > And since it works on resources (resource =  node in the jcr), you can
 > easily model your URL space in JCR and put different renderes to
 > different resources (eg. /content/orders, /content/products).

I guess this is life: I spent enough time studying JCR and Jackrabbit,
I already had opinions and knowledge about the REST interface I wanted,
and there didn't seem to be much material for people outside the project
to understand Sling. So I dived-in with plain JAX-RS.

It has been a good experience so far: JAX-RS annotations mean not too
much code and Jersey supports JSP for view templates. Although maybe it
could be better with Sling - I guess I'll find out when I have time to
take another look at the project.


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