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From Kurz Wolfgang <wolfgang.k...@gwvs.de>
Subject Jackrabbit RMI Performance
Date Wed, 07 Jan 2009 15:09:03 GMT
Hello everyone,

I started working with Jackrabbit a while back and it seems really cool but atm I am using
the RMI support which seems really slow.

When I do a query the Query takes like 90 ms which is fine but then I fill my objects with
the node properties which takes like forever.

I have the Jackrabbit Webapplication running as a Server providing the RMI support.
I am using the same application on more than one server so I thought having the Jackrabbit
Service on a own machine would be a good idea. But now I am not so sure anymore.

Somone told my that clustering would be a way to have Jackrabbit available to all the applications
and use JNDI to access the Repository but I have like no odea if that would help:-)

Anyone have some Hints performance wise?

Thx a lot in Advance!

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