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From "sbarriba" <sbarr...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Is using jcr:path in a query a performance bottleneck?
Date Fri, 23 Jan 2009 16:59:30 GMT
Hi all,

I've included some background below but my question is..... "is using
jcr:path in a query to be avoided due to performance"?


We have some Jackrabbit repositories which have grown to include circa
200,000 nodes of a acme:Story. The nodes have been structured in a deep
hierarchy to comply with Jackrabbit best practises in terms of max nodes per
folder. As an example of our JCR structure












When accessing the repository we're typically using queries which are a)
using path as a restriction clause and b) ordering by a date field.


e.g. get the latest sport items.


SELECT * FROM acme:Story WHERE jcr:path LIKE '/library/sport/%' ORDER BY
acme:createdDate DESC


As the number of stories has increased we're seeing more and more incidents
of queries exceeding 2 secs. Furthermore we've seen lucene start to use more
and more heap space executing these queries. Based on
egarding-performance-td15028655.html I understand that the above query would
be much faster if we added a tag/category type property to the object e.g.
acme:category = "Sport" so that the query could be


SELECT * FROM acme:Story WHERE acme:category LIKE 'Sport' ORDER BY
acme:createdDate DESC


Is that a fair assessment?


All comments appreciated.






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