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From "Torsten Curdt" <tcu...@apache.org>
Subject my first hops
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 17:42:06 GMT
Hey folks,

I am currently trying to wrap my head around the jackrabbit universe.
So many question! :) Maybe I just start...

* Webdav and Versioning

Jackrabbit comes with (IIUC even multiple) webdav implementations. The
1.5 standalone jar even starts up one. It exposes all the node
information. Is there already somewhere a webdav servlet that gives
more of a "user" view of the data? Where it does NOT show all the node
information but just the data nodes (files/directories). Similar to
the "browse" in the standalone jar. Maybe even a webdav servlet that
transparently versions changes?

* Repository Browser

While for webdav it would be nice to show less, it would be nice to
show more on the 'browse' of the standalone jar. In fact switching the
amount of information of both (webdav/browse) would be great. I know
other 3rd parties have sophisticated browsers for JCR. But is there
one that comes with jackrabbit that I've missed? What do people use?

* Scaling Out and SOA

I am wondering what the suggested architecture would look like for
jackrabbit in a bigger installation. The classic setup would be a
couple of front end machines rendering the content that comes out of a
bigger database or a database cluster. Question is how to translate
this into a jackrabbit setup.

My first though was to keep the jackrabbit cluster separate and have
the front end machines connect to the repository service via HTTP. As
the content is highly cacheable the additional network hop is not such
a big problem. Looking into the jackrabbit docs it seems though that
it is more 'jackrabbit way' to

1) cluster jackrabbit on the frontend machines and have only the
persistence part separate
2) or use RMI and have the client on the frontend machines connecting
to the jackrabbit repo service in the backend

Especially as RMI is hinted to be slow and also syncing the replay
logs across the cluster is a bit of an overhead I would grateful for
some more details and advise here.

* Searching in a Cluster

Assuming I have a jackrabbit cluster - how is the index generation
handled? Will every jackrabbit instance have it's own index and also
be the one that keeps the local index up-to-date? Does the index get
synchronized through the jackrabbit cluster mechanism?

* Searching and Versioning

When I search and I have versioned resources. Will it search all
versions? ...or only the latest one? How is this handled?

I heard about InfoQ using jackrabbit. Could not find exact details
about their infrastructure though. Someone else using it in a bigger


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