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From slande...@excilys.com
Subject Re: Tomcat 6 + Jackrabbit + transactions
Date Mon, 08 Dec 2008 18:46:32 GMT
You're confusing JTA and JCA (even if these 2 are often linked I agree).
Let's take the problem from start : you want transactions! :)

Do you need 2PC? How do you intend to work with your transactions? Spring?

Stéphane Landelle

Le Lun 8 décembre 2008 19:03, Tony Rozga a écrit :
> Hi,  Jackrabbit newb here:
> I've found plenty of examples/mail threads that talk about deploying
> Jackrabbit as a JCA resource and how that means Jackrabbit is
> automatically aware of the JCA transactional context.  We need to support
> Tomcat 6 though and that config still confuses me as Tomcat is
> not a JCA container.
> I've found several transaction manager implementations (Bitronix,
> Atomikos) that can be used in Tomcat.  If I setup on of these and start
> a UserTransaction in my code and then do some Jackrabbit ops, will
> Jackrabbit be aware of that transaction context?  Given that a
> Jackrabbit Session is the underlying XAResource, what about a single
> transaction that spans multiple Sessions?
> Thanks,
> Tony Rozga

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