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From Anirvan Majumdar <anirban.majum...@taxilalab.com>
Subject "isModified" method for a Node
Date Sat, 27 Dec 2008 05:11:48 GMT

Recently while using JackRabbit, I wanted to lock a particular node for 
some subsequent tasks on it. Before the point I wanted to lock the node, 
I needed to make certain changes to one of the child nodes of this 
particular node. I duly invoked the "save" method on the child node 
before applying the lock on the parent node. However, I got an 
"InvalidItemStateException". As this exception indicates that there are 
some pending changes [which shouldn't be the case], I put a check before 
the lock - if (!node.isModified). Surprisingly I still got the same 
This leads me to believe that even though the node has no modifications, 
still I keep getting an exception indicating that there are pending 
unsaved changes!

Anyone faced a similar situation before, and am I missing out on 
something here?


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