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From Alexander Wallace ...@rwmotloc.com>
Subject Exporting and Importing the whole repository systemView.
Date Fri, 26 Dec 2008 18:12:45 GMT
Hi all... I want to move all my data from fs to db and for that I've 
written some simple code as you all know to export systemView and import 

My repo has these nodes under /:


The data I care about is in /10095, as far as I know...

If i export "/", I can't import it back due to 
/jcr:root/jcr:system/jcr:versionStorage: cannot add a child to a 
protected node

As I understand, this is not possible... I wonder why is it possible to 
export it then, but regardles... My question goes as follow:

If i export / my resulting file is: 124M big... But as mentioned above, 
I can't import the dump...
If i export the /10095 node, then my resulting dump is just 61M

Since /1 has almost nothing, /jcr:system has a good bunch of the data...

It seems not possible to import /jcr:system,  I can import /10095 w/o 
any issues... Should I care? Will I miss something if I don't import 
/jcr:system? If so, how can i import the entire thing then?

Thanks in advance!

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